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T&RA Password Change Procedure

From may 2018 you will need to change your T&RA password to use the on-line booking system. Follow this carefully:

  1. Click on the On-Line court booking above
  2. Enter RTO NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS and your OLD password
  3. Enter new password – including one UPPER CASE, one NUMBER and one SPECIAL CHARACTER (£,$,% etc.) (and then REPEAT to confirm)
  5. Tick you’ve read the new PRIVACY statement
  6. If applicable click your GIFT AID page PLEASE

You now have access to RTO. Next time you log in you'll need your RTO number or email address - NOT your name.

Beware of your computer/tablet/phone remembering your old details and auto-filling. It won’t work – you need to override and/or update them.

If you are unsure which email address you have used or do not know your RTO number click on Contact Details on this page.

This page is password protected, please contact the Pro for access.

Finding it Difficult to log on to Court Bookings?

On the line "RTO Id or Email:" do you see your name with your RTO number in brackets?

If so delete it and put in either your RTO number or email address.

If you have recently changed your email address, or have several, you can check the email address you've given to T&RA in the 'contact details' link above"

From Sep 2018 you must join the T&RA to use the Booking System
Here is how..

  1. Choose your type of membership here (you only need Associate membership at £28/year)
  2. Pay! Either on-line or via a form you print and post.
  3. To pay on-line follow the link from the page above or click here then select your chosen subscription from the "2018-19 UK Annual Subscriptions" selection.
  4. Or print this form and post with your cheque. If you do not have printing facilities Andrew can print one for you.

Coronavirus Update

In light of the government's decision to close all hospitality, cultural, sporting and leisure centres, the club will be closed for any sport until further notice.

Our Club

The Newmarket Real Tennis Club exists thanks to Toad of Toad Hall. Or to be precise, because of the character the writer Kenneth Grahame based him on - Sir Charles Rose. Sir Charles employed the specialist Tennis Court builder of the time, Joseph Bickley, to build our court which was officially opened on 29 June 1901 at a cost of £6,000 - the equivalent of £676,760 in 2016! See The Club page for the full fascinating history.

Henry VIII would still recognise Real Tennis as it is played today more than 500 years after he played at Hampton Court - where the game is still played! Our club is not as old as that but still complies with all the traditions of this wonderful game. Non-members are most welcome to come and try what is known as The Sport of Kings! Just give us a call!

Earl of Wessex visits NRTC!
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Congatulations to Adam Mackintosh
Winner of the Chetwood Trophy 2019!

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