Newmarket Real Tennis Club

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You can access these items directly:

T&RA Password Change Procedure

From may 2018 you will need to change your T&RA password to use the on-line booking system. Follow this carefully:

  1. Click on the On-Line court booking above
  2. Enter RTO NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS and your OLD password
  3. Enter new password – including one UPPER CASE, one NUMBER and one SPECIAL CHARACTER (£,$,% etc.) (and then REPEAT to confirm)
  5. Tick you’ve read the new PRIVACY statement
  6. If applicable click your GIFT AID page PLEASE

You now have access to RTO. Next time you log in you'll need your RTO number or email address - NOT your name.

Beware of your computer/tablet/phone remembering your old details and auto-filling. It won’t work – you need to override and/or update them.

If you are unsure which email address you have used or do not know your RTO number click on Contact Details on this page.

This page is password protected, please contact the Pro for access.

Finding it Difficult to log on to Court Bookings?

On the line "RTO Id or Email:" do you see your name with your RTO number in brackets?

If so delete it and put in either your RTO number or email address.

If you have recently changed your email address, or have several, you can check the email address you've given to T&RA in the 'contact details' link above"

From Sep 2018 you must join the T&RA to use the Booking System
Here is how..

  1. Choose your type of membership here (you only need Associate membership at £28/year)
  2. Pay! Either on-line or via a form you print and post.
  3. To pay on-line follow the link from the page above or click here then select your chosen subscription from the "2018-19 UK Annual Subscriptions" selection.
  4. Or print this form and post with your cheque. If you do not have printing facilities Andrew can print one for you.

NRTC Committee

Name Term Title Responsibilities
Directors Numbers 3-5   Policy & Strategy, Management of General Issues
Hugo Johnson 3 years to May 2021 Chairman Club Chairman and chair of meetings. Attend T&RA meetings. Line manager for Professionals; Press liaison
Stuart Arrandale 3 years to May 2022 Treasurer Financial Control, budgeting & planning. Company Accounts Pro salaries; CASC admin
Ian Lindsay To continue to 2020 Safeguarding Offcier Safeguarding - DBS responsibility
John Saville 3 years to May 2021 Club Secretary Company administration, minutes and record keeping. Communications with members. Data Protection.
Committee Numbers 2-6 in addition to Directors   Leadership of areas of responsibility
Logan Crawford 3 years to May 2022 Fabric & Maintenance Management of the building & structure, arranging repairs & maintenance.
Tom Marriott 3 years to May 2021 Fund-raising & Sponsorship Fund-raising, Sponsorship, Corporate membership
Adrian Thurley 3 years to 2020 Website Manager Hosting, maintenance & content of website. Regular updates to web & social media with club news & events
Ed Turner 3 years to May 2021 Tournaments Secretary With Professional, arrange and manage Internal Tournaments
Derrick Wells 3 years to May 2022 Social Secretary Hosting & arranging events, Rose Bowl. Wine Cellar
Charlie Wells 3 years to May 2021 Junior Members Juniors leadership and organisation
Jonathan Becher 3 years to May 2022 Fixtures & Tournaments Attendance at T&RA Fixtures meetings & coordination of matches.
Membership Secretary Member recruitment & retention strategy. Club information for new members T&RA database of members for management information & contacts. Updates to social media