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T&RA Booking System Log-On Procedure

  1. Click on the On-Line court booking above
  3. Enter your password

If you are unsure which email address you have used or do not know your RTO number click on Contact Details on this page.

This page is password protected, please contact the Pro for access.

From Sep 2018 you must join the T&RA to use the Booking System
Here is how..

  1. Choose your type of membership here (you only need Associate membership at £28/year)
  2. Pay! Either on-line or via a form you print and post.
  3. To pay on-line follow the link from the page above or click here then select your chosen subscription from the "2018-19 UK Annual Subscriptions" selection.
  4. Or print this form and post with your cheque. If you do not have printing facilities Andrew can print one for you.


All members must read and accept the Clubs's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement for us to hold ANY information about you.

Newmarket Real Tennis Club Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement

The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, was in operation from May 2017. It was a Regulation by which the European Commission strengthened data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). On December 31, 2020, it was replaced for UK citizens by UK-GDPR  (United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation).  This left in place the main principles, obligations to minimise collection of personal data, deletion of personal data that is no longer necessary, to restrict access, and to secure data through its entire lifecycle, and rights to view data. Consequently, the legislation affects the way the Club contacts its members and stores personal information about its membership.

Newmarket Real Tennis Club (NRTC) will comply with the requirements of GDPR and will request members to consent to their data being held in accordance with this policy. We have carried out a detailed “Data Audit” of all data held, why and where it is held, who can access it, the security details in place and how long it is held. This is available to members on request. The following summarises this information.

The following personal information is held electronically by the Club on its members, and this information is held within the Real Tennis Online (RTO) system used by the Club and administered for the UK by the Tennis & Rackets Association (T&RA):

Information on handicaps, recent matches, tournament draws and results may be displayed on paper in the club reception area.

We also hold some subscription information, such as date paid and cost of subscription, as well as account balances.

The Club will only use members’ personal details specified above, and these will be used solely for the following purposes:

Members who leave the Club will have their personal details (apart from name) deleted after two years of leaving the Club.

The Club also hold some bank details in hard copy form, for those members who pay their Subscriptions/match fees via standing order. As there is no requirement for the Club to hold these details for more than one year, all archived copies will now be destroyed, the Club will only hold hard copies for a year going forward.

You may have a copy of this policy by request

You have the right to:

Newmarket Real Tennis Club Directors and Committee
April 18, 2018