Newmarket Real Tennis Club

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You can access these items directly:

T&RA Booking System Log-On Procedure

  1. Click on the On-Line court booking above
  3. Enter your password

If you are unsure which email address you have used or do not know your RTO number click on Contact Details on this page.

This page is password protected, please contact the Pro for access.

From Sep 2018 you must join the T&RA to use the Booking System
Here is how..

  1. Choose your type of membership here (you only need Associate membership at £28/year)
  2. Pay! Either on-line or via a form you print and post.
  3. To pay on-line follow the link from the page above or click here then select your chosen subscription from the "2018-19 UK Annual Subscriptions" selection.
  4. Or print this form and post with your cheque. If you do not have printing facilities Andrew can print one for you.


Membership Type Cost
Adult (1) £160
Family (2) £240
Country (3) £50
Interim (4) £60
Junior (5) £30
Student (6) £30
Corporate (4 employees) £500
Corporate (10 employees) £1000
  1. Adult Membership = over 25.
  2. Family Membership comprises husband/wife/partner and children under 18.
  3. Country Membership = living more than 30 miles, from the club, and entitled to play only twice per month.
  4. Interim Membership = 18 to 25.
  5. Junior Membership = up to 18.
  6. Student Membership = in full time education up to 25.